Al Ain Tents

About Alain Tents:

Alain tents trading are a leader in the rental and sale of German tents, as mobile warehouses. These German tents have high technical quality. The company offers many services, supplies, rental and sale of modern German tents and accessories. This is the best solution for areas of foreign affairs,
such as exhibitions, conferences, weddings, special events, festivals, camps, warehouses, and temporary labor camps. In addition to our efforts to offer our customers quality, feature and price competition, there are various sizes of tents and a wide range of quality, as desired. These German tents offer a modern design, technical specifications and high quality. They are made of aluminum and outside the best hard-PVC from within and to adapt to different weather conditions. They are resistant to all weather conditions, such as heat, sunlight, high winds, humidity and rain. Furthermore, the tents have certain non-corrosion and wear resistance. They also characterized the easy transport and simple design.

Our Goal:
Our goal is to win the full and lasting customer satisfaction and offer services that says Resurfacing what our motto is to work hand in hand to achieve the goal.

Our Services:

  1. Labor Camps.
  2. Warehouses and military tents .
  3. mobile ceremonial Halls.
  4. mobile Festivals & Exhibition tents.
  5. Conferences and cultural events tents.
  6. Wedding tents of all sizes.
  7. Latest Decoration & oriental Curtains.
  8. Platforms for Events.
  9. Rental Equipment like generators & Air-Conditioners.
  10. Rental bathrooms with all the mobile extensions.
  11. Installation of tents and mobile Halls outside and inside the country.


Contact us:                           

  • Alain Tents – U.A.E
  • P.O.Box: 25995
  • Tel: 026433324
  • Fax: 026437172