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GALVANNI – The Legend of Polo Alessandro Galvanni, was born near Milan as the son of Flavio and Laura Galvanni in 1936 in the Village of Seriate! His father was a veteran on the horseback riding and his mother was famous with her tailoring. Due to the hard economic conditions during this years and Mussolini’s fascist pressure on the regime they emigrated to Britain to a small town close to London. Due to his fathers expertism in the field of horseback riding the Galvanni family found work at Earl’s stable. While the mother Laura started to do all the tailoring jobs for the Earl’s family. During Alessa’s childhood years helped his father and mother at the Earl’s court. In recent years, he developed a passion for Horses and the game of Polo which he has able to watch on the competitions attended by the Earl. At his twenties with the menthorship and support of the Earl he started to study in London at the fine arts academy. When he graduated from school at the age of 25 he turned back to his family at the Earl’s court. He stayed there and took over the tailoring job of his mother and designed all the families clothes until the decease of the Earl in 1973. 1973 was the turning point of Alessa. After the death of the Earl he founded his first company under his family name Galvanni and got specialized in Polo Shirts. During the first year the production was only hand made and preferred as a brand in the region by polo players. From 1973 to the present, Galvanni is currently expanding the brand internationally by exporting in several European countries and still providing its customers with polo collections.   VISION POLO Fashion is keen to become the Arab’s leading men’s & women’s GALVANNI Polo fashion apparel retailer. Customer satisfaction and world class quality brands are pivotal to the success we seek in ARAB markets.