Lamassat Trading Heat-Insulation Materials

window tint , film car services LAMASSAT is a sole agent and distributor in GCC for Solamatrix film products and a True Leader in GCC generally and in UAE Specially recurring the leadership of its parent

A True Industry Leader

Solamatrix, Inc. is an industry leader specializing in the development and manufacturing of window films for cars, homes and commercial buildings. Our SUN-GARD brand solar films and our GLASS-GARD safety and security films are respected around the world. Solamatrix’s sole focus is window film. Which is why we do it best. Our mission is to offer not only innovative products, but also innovative solutions, tailored to specific needs. We differentiate ourselves through fast product development, cost-efficient manufacturing, exceptional customer service, and the quick, service-oriented manner in which we respond to requests from our customers. Company History Solamatrix’s roots date back to 1975, when the company was founded as ITD Industries, Inc. in St. Petersburg, Florida, where we have our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities today. From its inception, ITD Industries grew quickly introducing such innovations as the industry’s first dry adhesive system, optically clearer adhesives, dye in laminating adhesives and our award-winning Spandrel Gard OEM product line. Later, the company changed its name to Film Technologies International, Inc. (FTI) to better define its core product lines and differentiate itself as a quality producer of window films. FTI grew to be a leader in the window film industry, introducing an array of new film products for automotive, residential and commercial use. In Spring of 2008, select assets of FTI were acquired by Solamatrix, Inc., bringing together the experience and continuity of the past, with new energy and ideas for the future. By combining our quality line of window films with the innovation and new access to capital and technology, we will continue to develop new solar control and safety solutions. Our focus on window film and our unrelenting commitment to newer and better technologies will enable us to become one of the leading and most innovative window film manufacturers in the industry. Commitment to Quality With our singular focus on window film, a new management team, and sound financial resources, we are confident that Solamatrix, Inc. will emerge as one of the top manufacturers in the window film industry. Be it for cars, homes, or commercials buildings, we do window film right.