Learning Center of Excellence Capacity Development


In Psycho we offer a range of services and products all centered to our skills in achieving solution to training and learning needs using the latest findings in cognitive, behavioral and social fields. Our services are recognized by KHDA and provided in four parallel lines:


For organization to achieve effective solution to training needs.

Outdoor training

Even though today’s schools are filled with dedicated teachers working hard and using research based instructional practices in an effort to help their students to learn. Still some children don’t get it! In psycho we are fully committed to offering highly quality support, training and professional development for all our customers.

In house training

Psycho offer one-on-one training for students, child and youth based on individual based evaluating program to understand their learning strengths and weaknesses and enables teachers, educators and parents to support the child in reaching their full learning potential. In these courses they will get:

— Personalized Brain Grade Report.
— Complete improvement action plan.
— Individual coaching to exercise cognitive skills.
— Consultation or face to face contact opportunities for teachers and parents to discuss progress, set targets and explore how they can support further progress.

Engaging parents workshops

Psycho recognizes that parents and guardians play a very special role in a child or youth’s learning development and education Therefore; we designed custom need workshops that will guide them to be life teachers with a blend of love and education at home.