My Baby Nursery

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About us:
The years that your child spends as a toddler are very important.
At this stage, it is most important that a child is provided with the correct environment and stimulation.
My Baby Nursery offers high quality child care, for children aged 1 month to four years.
The nursery provides a well planned fun environment, where children can learn through play to explore their ideas and experiences in order to stimulate and develop their young minds and bodies.

Our target:

  • To ensure positive outcomes for children who attend pre-kindergarten and that they are prepared for starting their educational life.
  • To develop the children’s needs, their social and communication skills as well as providing a safe and secure environment in which the child can learn.

Our vision & mission:

My Baby Nursery is an independent nursery dedicated to promoting a broadly-based appropriate education in which all children are being valued and encouraged to fulfill their aspirations and potential.
My Baby Nursery’s aim is to offer every child a structured and challenging environment that strives for academic excellence and the highest standards in all aspects of educational life.
Our aim is to discuss many aspects of providing responsive care for very young children:

  • Building a trusting relationship with each child.
  • Providing individual care.
  • Creating environments that support and encourage exploration.
  • Ensuring children’s safety and health.
  • Developing partnership with families.
  • Observing and documenting children’s development in order to plan for each child and the group.
  • Recognizing the importance of social/emotional development.
  • Appreciating cultural, family, and individual differences.
  • Taking advantage of every opportunity to build a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Supporting dual-language learners.

Respect and courtesy are also considered a vital part of our daily routine.