Nawal Wedding

Foundation Nawal to organize the events do not fall under the list of shops weddings usual, we strive to make them a place for customers leaving them is stuck in their memory, is an institution Nawal commercial project based on the deal as a family With the best service, respect and honesty in dealing will be a great experience for everyone who deals us

About the Foundation Nawal

Founded Nawal services weddings in 1991 by a successful businessman Imad Abdullah Haddad where the creation of offices in the Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE and then the transition to the street peace and to expand its offices and adding new expertise to the Foundation .
And since then has expanded Foundation Nawal services weddings to make every effort to develop the work and open new horizons and opportunities for more work, was established the Board of Directors in 1998 and in 2006 received Foundation Nawal on an exclusive contract to manage the hall port, commodities, was the beginning of the region Western also gave us a great opportunity to demonstrate our ability to expansion and development in the United Arab Emirates and in 2010 decided that the Western Region Municipality appoint a Foundation Nawal service wedding management wedding hall Ghayathi temporarily after you have touched the Western Region Municipality honesty and dedication in dealing with all segments of society , and in 2011 the Western Region Municipality appoint a Foundation Nawal wedding management services to Zayed City Hall on a temporary basis and the institution has continued to advance and persevere until the number of employees in an organization Nawal services for weddings for more than one hundred employees and management.
And still continuing the march through the efforts Director-General Mr.  Emad Abdullah Haddad.