Spa and recreation Moroccan Salon

  Spa and recreation Moroccan salon offers you a full care and attention to your appearance on the elegant hands of skilled

  •      Hair treatment Almottagcef and spoiled the latest creams and oils World
  •        Cut hair with the latest global layoffs
  •       Shaving the beard + beard dyes
  •      Smooth textured hair Alkreeten + hair dryer
  •      Oil bath
  •      Cleaning the skin with the latest European and global brands
  •      Clean the face with wax
  •      Bath normal
  •      Bath with pure soap and herbs
  •      Bath Balsnfrh
  •      Trim fingernails and feet + cleaning and removal of polyps
  •      Full body massage
  •      Steam bath + bath
  •      Full processing for the groom
  •     VIP service
  • Phone: 026666647
  • Email:
  • Address: Abu Dhabi - Al Khalidiya - Mermaid - Behind of First Gulf Bank - Building of 5266